Aryanna Sweeney


  Before i was born                                                                in Mommys tummy                 

Jan /19/06


Aryanna Yvette Sweeney


             Look at all My Hair                             This is my Uncle Tracy




Summer Time fun


                  Ary and Grampa Kraig at the Zoo              Look at the hat Granpa made me             Ary learning how to walk in her walker


6 Months old growing fast


                  getting ready to go shopping                                                              Me and Grama



 Sept 30th 2006 aren't i cute !!!!


Arys First Christmas 2006


Arys First Birthday !!! 2007 year begins


New toys



Summer fun 2007



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My Little Pony !!!!

winter fun 


Birthday girl 2 Years old


riding pony in winter fun fun






Taken By: Dawn Sweeney


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