Born Feb 20th 12:30   am 

                                                                                                   Filly Mottled skin Stripped Hooves  scalera

Sire : Continue In Gold   Dam : All In Elegance  

May 27th Lexus  died we will miss her the days in the barn r no longer happy



Born   March   20     1:30am

Filly   Mottled Skin Stripped Hooves scalera   N/N

Sire : Imagery    Dam : Upper Class Coed    No Dreamfinder

Eligable for the WNYA Lounge Line Futurity





Shes Shedding out so pretty Halter her now and have a pretty rider later !!!

    Born April  10th  1:00 am     He  will be a great  gelded     N/N 

Mottled skin  stripped hooves , scalera   

Sire : Continue In Gold    Dam : Shermans China Doll

Eligable for the WNYA Lounge Line Futurity

What a pretty Boy Halter now ride later hes shedding out dark Pal




Born may 14th 1:30pm  Filly    hypp N/H

Sire : Continue IN Gold   Dam: Cash N My Pockets

BB is blind in one eye her dam kicked her she is doing very good with just one,




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